Inner Toddler Tantrum · Ranty McRant


So a few minutes ago the H called me to let me know he heard that Charleston County was delaying school openings tomorrow by 2 hours.

“Really, why?” I asked.

“It’s going to be cold”, he said.  “You might want to check and see if BE is going to delay also.  They follow Charleston County’s closing/delay schedule.”

I. Kid. You. Not.

As I could not quite believe my ears, I head over to the Charleston County School District website – behold:


“Weather Alert – January 6, 2014

Due to the potential for cold temperatures, CCSD has been in close contact with the county’s Emergency Operations Center as well as local government municipalities. Based on their latest information, we have decided to start school tomorrow, Tuesday, January 7, 2014 on a TWO HOUR DELAY. The safety and welfare of our students is our highest priority.

All district employees are being asked to report to their schools or offices, two hours later than their normal start time.”

They are delaying school opening BECAUSE IT’S GOING TO BE COLD IN THE MORNING!

Now, I realize that SC does not generally deal with sub-zero weather, but we’re not having sub-zero weather.  And I don’t see that they’re concerned about bridge closings (we have lots of bridges – it’s a big deal – you can’t go anywhere without crossing one).  See, it’s going to be COLD, relatively speaking – I lived in Helsinki as a little girl, so I actually know what real live cold feels like.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand as of 5 seconds ago, it’s official – BEHS opens 2 hour late.  So Iseult gets to sleep in.

I blame global warming.


  1. Hah, I used to go out in boxers and boots to set up the plow for the next morning, and I never asked to go to school late. In Maine, you need about two feet of snow before people even start thinking about a delay to plow the roads. Even in the depths of a Maine winter, school was only canceled three or four days of the year. Silly…

    The Shadowed Knight

    1. Yep – it was the same when I was growing up – in FINLAND and Connecticut.

      I could see delays or even closures down here for snow/ice – coastal South Carolina just doesn’t have the resources to really handle those types of situations (and that’s completely understandable). I get the concerns related to the bridges – and we’re not talking little stream-spanners here – sometimes they ice over or the winds are just too strong and they’re closed. But the announcement’s “potential for cold temperatures” just had my eyes rolling. Sheesh!

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