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People you don’t want to live next door to you

on December 6, 2013

That would be us.  And not because I have dead plants in my front yard (they’re gone and the pansies are blooming); not because I don’t own a lawnmower (the teenage boys next door make a mint off of my lawn); not because of the swamp in the back yard (hey – I have the algae issue under control); and not because the house needs power-washing (appointment has been scheduled).

It’s the dog.  I have the peskiest, most passive-aggressive, barkiest dog to have ever patrolled a yard.  EVER.  AMEN.  THE END.

Her newest schtick:  stand at the foot of the backstairs and bark incessantly for an invitation to climb said stairs and enter the house.  It’s actually a little more complicated than that.  She doesn’t actually like to climb stairs (also she’s old, so it’s harder for her) and a bit of a running start is needed.  Some of the time, she makes the connection between “running start = getting up the stairs”.  Other times, not so much.  This morning was a “not so much” morning and necessitated me descending into the yard to chase her around the pool so that she could make it up.  Seriously.  At 0600.  In my jammies.  In the dark. 

The picture of innocence

The picture of innocence – NOT!!!

(Once, because I had nothing better to do, I just timed how long she would sit there and bark – 25 solid minutes!  I finally caved and chased her around the yard because the barking was making me crazy.)


4 responses to “People you don’t want to live next door to you

  1. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    I have to give you credit for seeing things from the dog’s point of view. That is beyond the ability of a lot of humans.

  2. Maeve says:

    She’s such a cutie pie! But I’m telling you, her name should be “Relentless”.

  3. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    To find the silver lining, you can say that she is consistant. There seems to be some terrier in her. They are famous for “dogged” determination. May she spend many more years with you!

  4. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Here’s a video for the pooch. Humans can watch too.

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