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An Afternoon Phone Call

Phone rings.

Me:        Hello

Iseult:   Hi Mama

Me:        Hi Sweetie, what’s up?

Iseult:   What are you making for dinner?

Me:        I thought you were going to Daddy’s.

Iseult:   I am. But what are you making for dinner?

Me:        I’m not sure yet.  Why?

Iseult:   Don’t make anything I like.

Me:        What?

Iseult:   I don’t want you to make something I like.

Me:        Why are you worried about this?

Iseult:   I’m not worried.

Me:        You know that even if dinner IS something you like, I will make it again.

Iseult:   I know.  But could you make something I don’t like anyway?

Me:        What’s the matter?  You know Daddy’s a great cook.  You’ll have a good dinner.

Iseult:   I know.  But can you make something only you like?

Me:        All right – I think I’m going to make salmon and lentils.  Is that icky enough for you?

Iseult:   Sounds gross.  Thanks Mama.  You’ll pick me up at 8?

Me:        Yes, I’ll be there.

Iseult:   Bring Daddy some of the cookies you made last night.

Me:        OK I will.  See you later.

Iseult:   Bye Mama.


(I can handle my own stress.  It’s theirs that gets to me.)



3 thoughts on “An Afternoon Phone Call

  1. I laughed all the way thrrough this. By the way, if you’re having salmon, can I come over?
    Lentils would be good too but, people have been telling me that I am full of beans.

    1. Of course Fuzzie! After all, it’s a well known fact that bears love their salmon. And then there’s all the stupid cookies I made last night…I need cookies in this house like I need another dog (she eats socks!).

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