Wannabe Martha

Still trying to figure out which Martha

Iseult in the camp at the Battle of Battery Wagner

on November 9, 2013


[Ed.  I will have a post at some point about the re-enactment.  My daughters are avid participants, but this was my first time at one.]


7 responses to “Iseult in the camp at the Battle of Battery Wagner

  1. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Iseult is much more dignified in this photo. If you don’t watch out, she will become the public face of your blog. Btw, why do I think that mischief is being plotted behind that smile?

  2. Maeve says:

    Isn’t she gorgeous? Looks all grown up (Le Sigh). She was having the best time. I will post about it. This was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had and I want to write a post which does it justice.

  3. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Lots of pictures, please! I’ve never attended one of these re-enactor events.
    Video for you, entirely spontaneous and fortunately, caught on film.

    I had no idea that re-enactors were such Martin Sheen fans.

  4. theshadowedknight says:

    I must say, she looks lovely in that dress. What a shame that that sort of thing fell out of fashion. Much more dignified and feminine.

    The Shadowed Knight

    • Maeve says:

      Hi TSK – I agree that the garb of that period is so flattering. My older daughter claims that she was born in the wrong era and would live day in and day out in a hoopskirt and corset. Now, Iseult can be a bit of a tomboy at times, but she is so proud of that dress. She wants her friends to get into re-enacting with her. I’m all for it – hopefully there will be another crop of young ladies who participate.

      • I can get behind bringing back that sort of attire. If your daughter enjoys it, by all means, encourage her interest. I doubt it will hurt her to set herself apart, to signal that she is not like the rest. That goes for the rest of the girls, as well.

        What you decide to wear influences how you act as well as how people view you. Make the right decisions, and send the right messages.

        The Shadowed Knight

      • Maeve says:

        I agree with you. I’m really hoping that we can get another group of girls who want to participate and learn – they have to help make their dresses and gowns; they have to learn how to walk and sit and dance in the hoops; they have to learn the manners and other details of that period life. It makes them more aware – and it can’t help but make an impact on their lives. I hope they keep participating for a long time.

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