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Thanksgiving Baking – Retaliatory Cupcakes

I was going to write a little post about this year’s Thanksgiving, but it ended up being (no surprise here) somewhat of a CF (my apologies for the vulgarity) so I don’t particularly want to waste space on it.  Funny thing is, I at least got a head’s up that things had taken a very sharp… Continue reading Thanksgiving Baking – Retaliatory Cupcakes


Thursday Whine

Am I the only one who's over the whole SALTED CARAMEL EVERYTHING business? Can we move on to something else now? Please?   (Didn't I whine last Thursday as well?  Maybe I could make this a repeating event.  Must think on it.  Must also find something Silly for Sunday because I've missed two weeks now.)

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An Afternoon Phone Call

Phone rings. Me:        Hello Iseult:   Hi Mama Me:        Hi Sweetie, what’s up? Iseult:   What are you making for dinner? Me:        I thought you were going to Daddy’s. Iseult:   I am. But what are you making for dinner? Me:        I’m not sure yet.  Why? Iseult:   Don’t make anything I like. Me:        What? Iseult:   I don’t want… Continue reading An Afternoon Phone Call