Ranty McRant

Naggy McNaggerson

Over at my favorite hangout spot, The Kitchn, some chick has her panties in a twist because her boyfriend puts salt on his food and she doesn’t want him to,

So, she’s taken to the internet to ask for suggestions on how to get this (him) under control.

I tried to refrain, really I did.  Promise. But I’m just a fallible human after all.  And her attitude just pissed me off.

Le Sigh.

And I have stupid typos all over my comment. Le Sigh x Deux.

10 thoughts on “Naggy McNaggerson

  1. Maeve, you reminded me of my mother objecting to my dad putting catsup on her meatloaf. She went to a lot of trouble to make good meatlosf. Catsup would obliterate any taste that she cooked into it.
    The objection to salt is over the top. She must want her boyfriend to fully conform to her tasts.
    Too much.

  2. Fuzzie – you need to go read it for yourself to get the jist. If he had a medical issue and she was looking for ways to help him get that taste he wanted but also reduce the intake, that would have been one thing. but NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She doesn’t want him to salt his food because SHE doesn’t want him to salt his food. So I left a pissy little comment with typos.

    1. Hi Stingray – I should have linked – the Kitchn continually posts throughout the day, so it might have been moved down the line, so to speak. It was on today’s post, though – I’ll see if I can find it. Just made me crazy!

  3. Okay, I found it. I was thinking it was a question asked in the comment section of one of the recipes. You know, it is little things like this that give me hope. There were quite a few people who said, so what?

      1. I’m right there with you. I find I have very little patience with those types of things any more and I can completely relate to my eyes feeling like they will fall out of my head from rolling them at times.

        I have to be very careful in real life because there is no delete key out in the world. I wish there was.

      2. Oh tell me about it! I suffer from foot-in-mouth like you would not believe. I literally had to shut off the computer the other night and make myself so something else because I just knew I was going to lose it – like “point of no return” lose it. LOL. Happily, with age comes the occasional wisdom to “just leave it alone.”

  4. but…but…but….there is some vague idea that eating salt raises blood pressure, though it’s not clearly correlated in those not diagnosted as hypertensive…..there is a fraction of a percent chance that this young lady could be saving her boyfriend’s life.

    Or ending it with an STD or depression at the failure of a fornicating relationship, but let’s not let reality intrude here, shall we? :^)

    1. I get that I probably overreacted, but all I could think was, “cut the poor guy a little slack – he’s a grown man – please stop treating him like a child.” I’m getting better at just stepping back though – not always – but I hold out hope.

      And it was nice to have you visit my little sandbox 🙂

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