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Things Big Sisters Do For Their Baby Brothers

on September 18, 2013

One Random Saturday morning – July 1994

(phone rings)

Me:    Hello

Mike:    Hey Maeve

Me:    Hey yourself. What’s up?

Mike:    Going to the beach. What you up to today?

Me:    Not much. Housework. The usual.

Mike:    Great. So, can I borrow Angharad?

Me:    Can you borrow Angharad?

Mike:    Yeah – just for a little while. Couple hours tops. And can you put her in some really girly dress and one of those hat things Mom got for her.

Me:    OK – hold on a minute. Why do you want to take Angharad to the beach?

Mike:    To meet girls.

Me:    You want to take my baby to the beach to meet girls.

Mike:    Yep. She’s better than a puppy. Total Babe Bait. So, when can I pick her up?

Me:    (Sigh) Give me an hour. And you better take good care of her or you’re dead meat.

Mike:    No problem. See ya soon. Bye

I don’t remember how many girls’ numbers he got that day.

The Babe Bait

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30 December 1966 – 18 September 1994


7 responses to “Things Big Sisters Do For Their Baby Brothers

  1. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    Maeve, I liked the story. You have my condolences.

  2. Maeve says:

    Thanks Fuzzie. He was so smart and funny. I miss him terribly.

  3. Morvena says:

    I’m sorry for your loss, Maeve. My big brother used to do something similar to that with me when I was younger.

  4. Maeve says:

    Morena, he was such a character – and a complete Deadhead too. Came back from a concert with a tie-dyed onesie and asked how old she’d have to be before he could take her along with him. After all these years, I still can’t get over the “babe bait”. It sounds like your brother had similar thoughts LOL.

  5. Dan says:

    Such a mischievous smile and look in those eyes. Babe bait. He must have been a real character. Sorry for his missing in your life. As an older sister, I would think it was almost like losing a son too. I now our older daughter is still very protective and mothering toward her two younger brothers and they are all three married adults now.

    • Maeve says:

      Hello Dan, and welcome to my sandbox.

      Mike was a real character; and completely incorrigible. I really love that picture of him (it was actually cropped from a picture of him and me dancing at my wedding) because it truly conveys the essence of who he was.

      • Dan says:

        I can see that about him in that photo. I’ll bet you have an adoring look toward him in the photo.

        I clicked over from GBG where you were commenting to Sis (Jenny) about your divorce. Sorry for that too. Got my own hat and t-shirt 30 years ago.

        Sis and I go back a long way in blog years and I consider her one of my internet daughters. I don’t mean we have a personal relationship beyond the blog, just that I care a lot about her and what goes on in her live with VW and the girls. I’ve watched her go through a seemingly never-ending series of changes with her blogs. She’s a sweetheart and I wish she could whip the weight thing. I have a full-length photo of her from one of her previous blogs now taken down. In it she is in stretchy running wear with her number on waiting to run in an event. As a mom of three, she doesn’t look all that bad and I suspect it was having the 3 girls that added the weight she so dearly wants to lose. It’s probably not much more than 20-30lbs, but she just can’t seem to make it happen. I’m sure it was lack of sleep that kept her metabolism at low ebb too. She also home schooled so naps must have been short or non-existent. I imagine she is getting fearful of being able to lose it as she ages. Encourage her when you get a chance.

        The photo was way before she went public as Jenny. She was Sis on that blog too. She will always be Sis to me. And she does have a serious coffee Jonze.

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