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The Spiceman Cometh (because fall is here I guess)

on September 13, 2013

Some people are upset with Starbucks over their Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Apparently the “pumpkin mix” incudes condensed milk. The “some people” would be vegans. You can see how this would present a bit of a problem. Now, I’m not sure why anyone would actually want to be a vegan, but what I’m really confused over is why anyone wants their coffee infected with pumpkinyness.

I actually like pumpkin stuff – as long as it’s pie or muffins or cookies with cream cheese frosting. OK, Jack-o-Lanterns are fine too, but that’s it. I really don’t understand the all-things-pumpkin craze anymore than I understand the all-things-zucchini obsession.

Really though, it’s the whole “spice” combo that worries me. I’m sort of weird about spices and I harbor suspicions about the actual contents of the pumpkin-pie-spice mix. Mostly I suspect (and fear) that it contains nutmeg. Now, as far as I’m concerned (and have expressed on more than one occasion), nutmeg is what you are fed if you go to hell (which is, in my book, a perfectly good reason to do whatever is necessary to make sure you don’t end up there). I know people ruin all kinds of wonderful food (like spinach and eggnog) with the stuff, but coffee? I just find the whole concept of spiced coffee (nutmeg notwithstanding) to be kind of nauseating.

But that’s not the worst thing that’s happening.  Behold:


Does this look like a happy candy to you?  No, I don’t think so either.  And it’s probably because of nutmeg (which has no business being anywhere near chocolate)!

(Some day I’m going to investigate the actual contents of “pumpkin pie spice”.  I don’t expect anything good to come of it.)


3 responses to “The Spiceman Cometh (because fall is here I guess)

  1. FuzzieWuzzie says:

    That M+M is not a happy camper AT ALL.

  2. Maeve says:

    Reblogged this on Wannabe Martha and commented:

    It’s that time of year again. That time of year when I get all twitchy because you know, “the spice that dare not speak it’s name” comes screaming to the foreground of all things culinary. Actually, it slithers in sneakily in the guise of “Pumpkin Spice” Fie on you Pumpkin Spice AKA N****g! Fie I Say!

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