Wannabe Martha

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Life is a Game

on August 13, 2013

When I first thought about this post, I had the game Jenga in mind – you know – everyone takes a turn pulling a tile from a tower.  Eventually on someone’s turn the tower falls. But the more I think about it, life is really like Kerplunk.  With each turn a player pulls a straw from the bunch.  You try to pull one that doesn’t let any marbles fall (or at least as few as possible).

That’s how life is – a whole bunch of marbles supported by a bunch  of straws and with each decision the marbles stay where they are, or they tumble down.  And, as with  life, when it’s your turn, you have to go; and even the decision to not take some particular action (or stay with the status quo) has consequences, so it’s still a pull, so to speak.  And as there are fewer and fewer sticks, you being to realize that marbles will fall, regardless of what stick you pull.  The question becomes which one will keep the most intact.

And so it is in life.  Only the marbles are people.


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