Wannabe Martha

Still trying to figure out which Martha

Baby Steps

WOW – it has been a long time since last I posted.  And in that time, what’s happened?  Well, I cleaned my closet.  Yessir ma’am.  And not only that, I’ve kept it neat and tidy. It’s this second part which is more significant than the first.  I’ve cleaned my closet out plenty of times.  Lasts a week.  Tops.  Pretty soon, I’m chucking things in, dropping shoes on the floor.  Forgetting that there are hangers for my use.  But, behold….

WP_000092 (1)

Not perfect, but not bad either.  I’m still negotiating with the shoes.  And I  had a minor tussle with some belts the other day (but I have a plan for those – more later).  Overall though, it feels good to have some measure of sustained success.  I’m thinking the bathroom is next.  The cabinets under the sink – well, I think there’s a black hole hiding out in one of them.  Time to let the light shine in.

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