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Round Holes & Square Pegs

on June 17, 2013


No, this is not a post about shoes (per se).  Yes.  There are shoes in the photo.  Lots of shoes.  But what I really want to discuss here is the storage of shoes; in particular high heeled shoes.

My last post revealed a frightful state of disarray in my closet.  It was an unmitigated mess.  I have since taken the time to try and organize the handbags and belts and scarves (in addition to clothes).  And for the most part, things are looking pretty good.  Except for the shoes.

Now I have several shoe organizers hanging in my closet.  I also have a shoe carousel.  I’ve also had (in the past) over the door shoe trees.  I am not unfamiliar with shoe organizational paraphernalia.  And they’re fine.  If you wear flats.  Or low-heeled shoes.  They’re not so fine if you wear heels.  And l love me some heels.  Really high heels.

I can fit ONE SHOE in each pocket of the nifty hanging shoe organizers.  The carousel is great.  Except that it tends to unscrew itself when you turn it, resulting in the ill-timed avalanche.  Plus, when you start hanging a platform shoe with 5″ or 6″ heel, well, you start needing some serious real estate in order to accommodate the dimensions.  In short, the shoes just don’t fit very well. The heels hang out and scrape against walls and clothes, and other shoes.  Finally we get to the over the door models.  More of the same.  The heels stick out so far, they interfere with the door.  Plus, those jutting heels are kind of dangerous when at eye level.  And usually the shoes are too large to be able to utilize all of the slots, so again, lost real estate.

The only real option left is the plastic shoe box.  And these are fine provided you have the space to accommodate all the boxes.  At least I can fit the pair in the box together.

Why is it so hard to find practical means of accessible shoe storage?  I want to wear my shoes.  I just don’t want to have to work so hard to put them away.


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