Wannabe Martha

Still trying to figure out which Martha


on June 6, 2013

This morning I got up extra early to read my new housekeeping book.  Specifically I wanted to look at the various strategies:

  • Clean everything all in one day
  • Clean a room a day
  • Tackle certain types of cleaning chores each on its own day.

I see the pros and cons of all three, but I probably have to go with Door #2.  I don’t think I can give up an entire day to housekeeping.  I don’t have the attention span (or willpower).  Grouping tasks (like cleaning all the mirrors, or windows, or doing the dusting) each day is also not good for me.  It’s too scattered.  I would never feel like anything was actually finished.  I think the “pick a room and spend a half hour cleaning it” is probably going to work best.  I picked the Dining Room (mostly because I was standing in the kitchen and the light was shining through showing every bit of dust and dog hair and utter chaos and I just couldn’t stand it one more minute).  So, out came the duster and the vacuum.  It’s not perfect, but it’s a darn sight better and I feel better.  More importantly, I am motivated to work on another room tomorrow.  I think this might truly work.

I think I can work out an equitable schedule that doesn’t overwhelm me and doesn’t interfere with work.  And I take off Sundays.  Period.  In fact, I’m going to try very hard this week to have my shopping and laundry done on Saturday morning.  I typically have a terrible time setting up and adhering to routines, but I think this may just be worth the effort.


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