Baking Bread

There is something very therapeutic about baking bread.  That toasty, yeasty smell wafting through the house.  When I was first married I used to make bread as stress relief. I would take out my frustrations kneading the dough by hand.  Plop it in loaf pans to rise.  Wait impatiently while it baked in the oven.  This was… Continue reading Baking Bread



That's exactly the kind of day it was.  Thanks to all night storms, I barely got any sleep and then couldn't get up in the morning.  No housework.  Cooked though.  And made the girls clean the kitchen.  More storms headed this way.  Think I'll just curl up with Nalini Singh's new release and start over tomorrow.



This morning I got up extra early to read my new housekeeping book.  Specifically I wanted to look at the various strategies: Clean everything all in one day Clean a room a day Tackle certain types of cleaning chores each on its own day. I see the pros and cons of all three, but I… Continue reading Progress